It’s all about languages this week on the Parents’ show as we discuss the importance and benefits of learning different languages for both children and adults and raising children in households that speak 2 or more languages.

Firstly, Lydia hears from Rachel Bailey about of the Bailey Language Academy about how she teaches French, English and Spanish not only in the UK, but in over 13 countries worldwide.

Rachel describes how moving to teaching online as well as in person has not only increased her reach, but also the understanding of different cultures and traditions, and also where quite different languages adopt the same words for something.

Lydia is then joined by Fadia Ramminger, a local mum and owner of Fadia’s Food Adventures, about raising children in a tri-lingual household, speaking English, German and Arabic. Fadia describes the challenges and benefits of her children learning such different languages and why it’s important not to keep switching languages in the house.

That’s at 7pm this Thursday on Mix 92.6, online at and on your smartspeaker or app.

And don’t forget, if you’d like to brush up on your French or French is your first language, tune in to Bouche à Oreille here on Mix 92.6 on Sunday evenings at 7pm.

The Parents’ Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors.

The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
The Parents Show on Mix 92.6
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