Help for the menopause, our monthly talk on neurodiversity and teaching children Empathy

Rayden Solicitors sponsors The Parents’ Show

This Thursday at 7pm on the Parents’ Show, Lydia speaks to Helen Brown from St Albans Menopause Wellness, a menopause wellness practitioner in St Albans about the latest research and practical steps to help women.

Then, she is joined by Karen Hannan for their regular discussion on neurodiversity and this week the subject is anxiety. Karen explains how anxiety can be life limiting for many people and talks about the online anxiety and wellness workshops she runs in conjunction with Herts Viewpoint.

Finally, Iain Pritchard talks to Miranda McKearney, founder of The Empathy Lab about their work teaching children about empathy and the upcoming Empathy Day in June. Fostering and developing empathy is at the heart of everything Miranda does and, in 2014, she founded the Empathy Lab –  the first organisation to build children’s empathy, literacy and social activism through a systematic use of high-quality literature.

That’s this week on The Parents’ Show on 92.6FM, online at and on your smartspeaker.

The Parents’ Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors.

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