Mix Studios Live & Local with special studio guest Beth Merill

Rewind to Monday 17th June at 7.00pm

Mix Studios Live & Local with special studio guest Beth Merill.

Mix Studios: Live and Local with Steve Simpson

Join us on Mix Studios: Live & Local for an hour of the best of  local music from across Hertfordsshire with Steve Simpson

Our special studio guest this week will be Beth Merill, who will be lugging Bertha, her enormous keyboard,  into the studio to play some stripped backversions of her very catchy poignant  pop songs, and chatting with Steve about busking, and how the sudden end to her retail career gave her the impetus to take that big step towards being a full time musician.

We have new music from The Very Lazy Sundays, Lilith Dea, Kaspar Berry Rapkin, Troi Parker-Roth, No Rest For The Spacemen, Georgina White, Elizabeth and Jameson, and Sam Newland.

Mix Studios: Live & Local, packed to the gunnels, wherever they are,  with top quality local music from 7:00pm on Monday 17th June.  Loving Local Music

Find us on 92.6FM. online at Mix926.com or on your Smart Speaker.

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