Talking about health, pregnancy and learning old skills for future benefits

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First tonight, Tim Pelerin is a Project Manager with Rocket Graphics in Watford – but Tim’s real focus is his 2-year-old daughter River, who has Cystic Fibrosis. Rocket Graphics and others at the Croxley Business Park supported Tim and the CF Trust with a special event held at the Park today, Thursday 8th February.

Mix Mornings presenter Iain Pritchard talked to Tim about how Cystic Fibrosis is affecting River and the family and how the event hopes to raise awareness as well as funds for the condition. You can donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust at

Next, did you know we had Iron Age Villages in Hertfordshire still?

Mix Morning’s Emma Lovell met with Sarah and Megan from the Celtic Harmony Camp, very popular with children and schools, in particular students in year 3 as the activities are close to what is found in the curriculaum for the year They told Emma about Lavina’s Legacy, named in honour of a beloved Educator and volunteer Joyce, whose Celtic name when leading school groups was Lavina.

Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the project is about learning skills from the past for the future and offers family activities and volunteering opportunities for the local community.

Explaining anything to young children can be difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to health and medical matters it gets extremely complicated. Nick Hazell was joined on Mix Mornings by Gemma Keir to talk about The Abiliites in me, a Stevenage-based charity which works to help children with medical conditions to understand them through illustrated books.  Gemma explains why she set up the charity and how her books are now available around the World.

Finally this week, Sam Clarke met with Rebecca Wangi, who works at RW Osteopaths and specialises in helping pregnant women and young children. This interview was recorded as part of the St Albans BID focus on health.

The Parents’ Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors.

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