Rewind to Sunday 5th May at 8.00pm

The DofE kids are back, talking exams, plus children and toilet problems.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Jen, Neil and Dave

Rayden Solicitors sponsors The Parents’ Show

This week on The Parents’ Show we’re handing over to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award kids for the first half of the show, as they speak to Jennifer Osler from AQA, an education charity providing GCSEs. A-Levels and support.

Archie, Luc and Kara ask Jennifer about the best revision strategies for exams, how best to manage the stress and what to do on exam day. The teenagers are using this experience as part of their volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburghs’ Bronze Award.

In part two, Neil talks to Dr Steven Hodges, a specialist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, who co-founded Bedwetting and Accidents and can help children with toilet problems such as bedwetting and other toilet issues.

That’s this Sunday at 8pm

The Parents’s Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors.



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