Greyhead Consulting

Greyhead is an independent consultancy working exclusively with charities, membership bodies and others in the NfP sector. Greyhead consultants work alongside our clients, guiding trustees, senior managers and teams through the right steps to successful information systems decision-making. Our independence means that we have no vested interest in any outcome, other than the best our clients … Read more


For connoisseurs of individual style, Galio St Albans curates a wide range of designer watches not widely available in your average jewellers.

Striking Places

Professional, commercial photography and virtual tours let people see who you are and what your business looks like. Once people see what your business is like, you’ll attract customers who like your business. Win/win!

The Maltings Shopping Centre

The Maltings is open from 9am – 6pm Monday – Saturday and 10am – 5pm on Sundays, so there’s plenty of time to relax, meet up with friends and do your shopping! MONDAY: 9am – 6pm TUESDAY: 9am – 6pm WEDNESDAY: 9am – 6pm THURSDAY: 9am – 6pm FRIDAY: 9am – 6pm SATURDAY: 9am – 6pm SUNDAY: 10am – 5pm *Individual store … Read more