Yarnbombers – postboxes with tops on…!

The art of Yarnbombing uses knitting and crocheting, with bold patterns and eye catching designs, to create unique displays in public spaces. The phenomenon arrived in St Albans in 2018, when Clare Suttie of Atlas Translations met the Secret Society of Hertford Crafters. They had recently yarnbombed Hertford and raised lots of money for their local hospice. Now a talented team of yarnbombers from St Albans – crafters and artisans – plus business sponsors (including Mix 92.6…!), and a team of volunteers – have been setting up the Postbox Toppers all around the district in support of the MIND Hertfordshire Network and Cancer Hair Care.

Iain Pritchard talked to Candy Stuart from the organisers of St Albans Postboxes about the annual fundraising initiative.

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