Speaking about Adolescence and Family Stress on The Parents’ Show.

Tonight on the @parentshow we talked about Adolescence and Family Stress. We all have way too much stress in our lives – well most of us. Is there anything we can do about it short of moving to a kibbutz or a remote island? We hope so and put your questions to Professor Deborah Christie about this. She is Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Psychology and Consultant clinical psychologist/clinical lead for paediatric and adolescent psychological services at University College London Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust.

We also spoke to Nika Jelendorf from Get The Trolls Out, a project for young people to combat hate online. Nika spoke to us about how young people use social media today and some positive approaches to keep up with young people and not get left behind.

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Speaking about Adolescence and Family Stress on The Parents' Show

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