Help for parents of children with Down Syndrome, discussing conception and mentoring young people

Rewind to Thursday 13th July at 7.00pm

Help for parents of children with Down Syndrome, discussing conception and mentoring young people.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Jen, Neil and Dave

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In this week’s show, Neil meets Michelle Bolton, one of the founders of DS Achieve, a charity formed to help empower families and professionals to enable children and young people with Down Syndrome to fulfil their potential. Michelle’s son Tom was born with DS, and she speaks openly about how Tom’s diagnosis has changed them and their life for the better.

Michelle is passionate about working with parents of children with DS to help children develop and learn, and ensuring children and young people have an opportunity equal to their peers to take part in all aspects of life. It’s a heartwarming interview, well worth a listen.

Next, our Mix Mornings and Mix Breakfast presenters Iain Pritchard and Faye Penford speak to Dr Louise Goddard-Crawley, about her new book, Conceiving Conception, co-produced with Simon Gadd.

Dr Goddard-Crawley is a chartered psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working as a health professional and works from her private practice in Marylebone where she sees a varied range of mental health presentations but focuses on working with women, men and couples who have been affected by infertility and miscarriage.

Finally, Lydia meets Peter Hopkins of MCR Pathways, who run mentoring schools for young people across Hertfordshire. The schools aim to help young people unlock their potential, no matter their circumstances and help young people to realise their skills and progress onto a positive destination. Peter, who is the Mentor Recruitment Manager, is looking for volunteer mentors to join their programme, and can be contacted on or his mobile, 07483 950797.

That’s this Thursday at 7pm on 92.6FM, online at and on your smartspeaker.

The Parents Show is sponsored by Rayden Solicitors.

Photo courtesy of DS Achieve

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