Rewind to Thursday 7th March at 7.00pm

Sleep. How important is it and how much should have children have?.

The Parents’ Show with Lydia, Andreea, Neil and Dave

On the Parents’ Show this week, Lydia is joined by Alexandra Collingbourne, who runs Sleep by Alexandra and is a Baby sleep consultant for infants, toddlers and young children.

Alexandra talks about why we need sleep, how to gauge our children’s sleep patterns and how to encourage a bedtime and sleep routine. She talks about the importance of bedroom temperature, creating a positive association with the bedroom and advice for helping neurodiverse children. Alexandra also gives advice to us parents  on getting our own best sleep.

Post-natal depression in fathers is rarely discussed and Alexandra also can help spot the signs of such depression in both parents.

That’s Thursday at 7pm here on 92.6FM, online at and on your smartspeaker.

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